Enhancing Supply Chain Optimization with IoT

June 18th, 2020 10:00 AM  (SGT)

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Quality and stability of the supply chain has never been more important to a retailer’s profitability.

Join the Microsoft and Avanade webinar to learn how to improve the availability and accuracy of your supply chain metrics. You'll learn how to transform your business with deeper knowledge of how to track your inventory, on-shelf availability, over & understock, shrinkage, labour hours, and more. If you want to see an increase in customer satisfaction across store locations - join this webinar where we will review several solutions that provide connected supply-chain IoT solutions. Avanade's IoT solutions will give you the insight you need to create a more resilient supply chain during this unprecendented COVID19 situation.

During this webinar you will hear Shirley Strachan - GM of IoT Device Experience from Microsoft Asia Region, Joanna Reijgersberg-Siew - Senior Director of Intelligent Industry Solutions from Avanade and Larry Ye - Chief Data Scientist from Avanade Australia talk about Microsoft IoT and how it can arm your business with the tools to accurately and intellegently manage your supply chains in the new normal and smart fleet management.

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