Using IoT & AI to Create Smart, Sustainable Buildings with S3 Innovate

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How will building environments fare in a post COVID-19 world and how should we prepare ourselves for the new normal and support the buildings of tomorrow?

Aggregating data from disparate systems, managing business continuity and improving tenant satisfaction are challenges that building owners and facilities managers face every day. How can automation and data insights drive business continuity and digital assurance?

Join Microsoft and S3 Innovate webinar to discover how S3 Building Insights uses IoT and AI to create smart, sustainable buildings, making it easier than ever for business owners and facilities managers to embrace the new normal in their asset and device management, energy consumption and optimization. You will learn ways to drive enhanced tenant satisfaction plus gain insights around security and safety improvement.

At this webinar Nicholas Soon from S3 Innovate and Guillaume Estegassy from Microsoft Asia will talk about Digital Assurance for Facilities Operations and Smart Building and Spaces.

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